Wardrobe Mistress

£550 Wardrobe Maintenance Programme

£550 Wardrobe Maintenance Programme
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  • £550 Wardrobe Maintenance Programme

Wardrobe Mistress




Prices starting from £550


Our exclusive monthly maintenance programme will ensure your wardrobe remains in top condition after your wardrobe detox.


Wardrobe Mistress will visit your wardrobe on a monthly basis to monitor your wardrobe and clothes, taking care of every detail. From having clothes dry cleaned to ensuring they are correctly hung in their correct order, your wardrobe will feel emulate the polished professional finish as though browsing your very own boutique. With a fresh bouquet of flowers bought to you by your very own Wardrobe Mistress monthly.


Keep your wardrobe beautifully arranged with your very own Wardrobe Mistress on call.



Monthly subscription plans for the Wardrobe Mistresses and Wardrobe Masters.

(Contract to roll on a 3 month period)


Bronze - 5 Hours per month

Silver - 10 Hours per month

Gold - 15 Hours per month