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Ultimate Personal Shopping

Ultimate Personal Shopping
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  • Ultimate Personal Shopping
  • Ultimate Personal Shopping

Wardrobe Mistress


Dressing The Part   

Min 3 hours

The secret to a successful style and lasting wardrobe lies in the fine art of shopping.

Want to avoid shopping regrets and purchases that hang in the back of your wardrobe unworn for years? Discover the art of shopping with a dedicated Wardrobe Mistress guide.

We will show you how to buy clothes shrewdly and develop a solid strategy that complements your personal style.


By approaching your shopping methodically, you can avoid the fashion inundation thrust upon the average consumer and clearly navigate your savvy fashion choices.


Wardrobe Mistress understands the importance of individuality: everyone is different so your style must reflect that. Through your own personal Wardrobe Mistress session, we will show you how to achieve great style that is both efficient and enjoyable.


With no challenge too great or task too small, Wardrobe Mistress will uniquely tailor a bespoke style service to cater for every individual need.


Wardrobe Mistress provides exclusive access to Harvey Nichols' & Harrods Personal Shopping Suites

Half day

Full day


- Special Occasions Shopping/Styling

- Key Pieces Shopping

- New Wardrobe Shopping

- Holiday Wardrobe