Wardrobe Mistress

Personal Styling

·       Are you stuck in a fashion rut?

·       Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear?

·       Are you short of time but need a new wardrobe for work or play?

Then let Wardrobe Mistress come to your aid.

 The service simply starts with a with a half an hour consultation to establish your goals, lifestyle, budget and what you are looking to achieve.

Whether your quest is for the perfect pair of jeans or a whole new wardrobe, we'll find it, make sure it fits and flatters, and advise you on colour choices and clever accessories. It's fun, affordable and makes a great gift for a special friend or relative. We even offer a personal stylist for children and for busy mums who need a helping hand to dress the family or themselves.

The results:
    • You will find it easier to get dressed in the morning.
    • You will have a clear understanding of what styles and colours to look for when shopping alone in the future.
    • You will achieve a newly invigorated sense of style and therefore confidence.


To book a personal styling session with WM please call us on +44 7725041642 or click here to arrange an appointment.