Wardrobe Mistress

Personal Shopping

What is personal shopping?  

We've all come across this service in designer boutiques and celebrity magazines, but what is this experience and what do you actually receive? By engaging in our personal shopping service you will benefit from one of our advisors researching the shops for you, based on your style preference, budget, and lifestyle. Armed with knowing your style needs whilst understanding your body shape, they will be able to assist in choosing styles to suit you. Personal shopping is a whole new experience which is effortless, fun and provides you with a new season's wardrobe.

The ultimate luxury is a personal shopping appointment with Wardrobe Mistress. We offer a half day or a full day's worth of personal shopping, whatever best suits you. We can help to fill in the gaps in your wardrobe, find looks for a special event or even help  with an important day like a wedding. While we cover all the designer brands, Wardrobe Mistress is also a fan of high end high street, allowing your budget to go further and your wardrobe to grow bigger.


Luxury bespoke shopping: For clients that have a high profile/busy lifestyle.

Wardrobe Mistress also provides a personalised bespoke service aimed at clients with a high profile lifestyle who are extremely busy, or simply clients that can't stand trudging around the shops but still want an up to date wardrobe.

Wardrobe Mistress will shop on your behalf and bring the clothes directly to you. Once we have gone through all the outfits together and seen what works and what doesn't, your stylist will then return the items back to the shops. This service is completely aimed around your busy schedule.

A consultation must take place first in order for WM to understand your style, wardrobe, likes and dislikes.   


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