Wardrobe Mistress

A great concept

Wardrobe Mistress transforms the online second-hand shopping experience as we know it with an idea so simple and so effective. 

Wardrobe Mistress offers its customers the opportunity to get their hands on the best designer wear at affordable prices, without leaving the comfort of their own home.

What sets Wardrobe Mistress apart from the rest: 
  • The ability to buy designer pieces at affordable prices.
  • Sell designer pieces within a secure and bespoke online community.
  • Indulge in a range of personalised services; from wardrobe management, detoxing, personal styling and personal shopping.  
  • Styling advice is at hand 24/7 
  • There is something for everyone!! You will always find something exciting and fabulous on our site.
  • All customers will receive their items in our bespoke Wardrobe Mistress packaging.

  • Our Fabulous shopping days and events.

 Wardrobe Mistress will offer exclusive shopping days from labels like Chanel, just for all you fashionistas out there.
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